Our leadership provides the direction, vision and accountability that has kept us true to our mission and His mandate for over 120 years.

Our entire leadership team gives oversight to all the areas of campus life.

They each seek to create a culture of leadership that is modeled on the Word of God. At the same time this culture is lived out in a way that prepares our students for servant leadership.

Current President

Rev. Rodney Loper, PhD (2017 – present)

President Rodney Loper

Rev. Rodney Loper is a native of Fairborn, Ohio. His family attended Franklin Bible Methodist Church.

After high school, Rev. Loper attended God’s Bible School & College (bte365官网地址), graduating with the BA in Ministerial Education in 2001. He later completed the MA in Leadership and Preaching from Trinity Theological Seminary and the PhD in Organizational Leadership from Columbia International University.

While enrolled at bte365官网地址, Rev. Loper was assistant pastor at Franklin Bible Methodist Church from 1999 to 2001. Following graduation, he pastored in Oklahoma City, OK.

In 2007 he joined the pastoral staff of Hobe Sound Bible Church and was the senior pastor from 2009 until 2016.

Rev. Loper and his wife, Melissa, met at bte365官网地址. They have four children.


  • Matthew Hallam
  • Rodney Loper
  • Richard Miles
  • Aaron Profitt
  • Beth Stetler
  • Sonja Vernon


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